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READ_ME files by Matt Ottewill

READ ME files are included on CD and DVD ROM discs for several reasons. The following are the most common elements included on read me files ...


Author / developer info To provide information and links about the authors / developers

Copyright To display copyright information

Minimum system requirements Click here for comprehensive advice

Disclaimer To warn the end-user that although the disc has been thoroughly checked for viruses and bugs, that they use the disc at their own risk


Installation To provide instructions and advice

How to manual To give advice on use

Undocumented updates To explain recent changes to software which have not been included in printed or PDF manuals yet

Updates To provide a link to a site where recent updates are available

Late breaking issues To document late breaking issues such as recently reported bugs and problems

Feedback To provide a link to a site where bugs can be reported

How do I create a Read Me file?

It is important that the file is in a simple format that can be read by Macs and PCs.

  • Use any text program (Notepad of TextEdit will do)
  • Use Arial or Times only
  • Best to use black text
  • Save in .txt (text) or rtf (rich text) format
  • Name your file read_me.txt or read_me_1ST.txt or something similar
  • Save it on the root level of your disc or where it will be easily seen

Example read me

download icon Download an example READ ME