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Online digital marketing overview by Matt Ottewill (March 2014)

This article provides an overview of the primary online digital marketing processes. Each subject will be the subject of a future article. If you would like to receive our comprehensive Digital Marketing Essentials for Recording Musicians guide, subscribe here.

As customers move online to find and buy goods and services, business is increasingly supplementing or replacing traditional marketing methods with online digital processes. Magazine ads have been replaced with online display ads, TV commercials with YouTube channels, and junk mail through your letter box with sophisticated and targeted email campaigns.

The following are some of the processes and technologies currently employed by businesses, organisations and individuals.

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Technology / process Comments
Concepts & terminology
Online display advertising - Pay Per Click (PPC) & Search engine marketing (SEM) Dominated by Googles AdWord system whereby buyers bid for their ads to rank highly in search results, for targeted keyword and keyword phrases
Online display advertising - using an ad-server network Essentially banner ads served by ad-server networks, including Googles AdWords (AdSense) system, that utilises end-visitor browsing history/habits to choose and display targeted ads.
Online display advertising - using reciprocal linking and individually negotiated ad space Essentially the 'traditional' advertising model of buying space on a website for a banner ad (similar to the print model of classified or display advertising)
SEO - Search engine optimisation / organic search Also called organic search optimisation - involves optimising content for unpaid search results
Email marketing Highly successful permission marketing method. Encourages customers to engage by subscribing after which they can be sent targeted campaigns tailored to their profiles
Content marketing The process of creating, publishing and distributing free valuable content relevant to the activities of a business in order to attract, engage, and convert new customers. Mobile apps, video, games, competition
Video channel marketing As digital natives increasingly shun terrestrial and cable broadcast TV, a YouTube channel can be incredibly valuable for a business, especially when the channel’s analytics, sharing and social media features are leverage, and videos can be embedded in a businesses website and others
Social media marketing Encouraging existing and potential customers to engage in a dialogue which will spread the word about a product or service. Generally regarded as poor for marketing but good for customer relationship and brand building
Guerilla / viral marketing Leveraging word of mouth to raise awareness and profile
Mobile marketing Primarily in-app display advertising or geo-location targeted advertising (including Google AdWords)
User generated content Reviews, social media channel and forum posts etc
Platform & services technologies
Google AdWords Pre-eminent online search results and ad-network technology
Google AdSense Google technology whereby websites can earn a share of ad revenue by hosting Google ads
Micro-site / landing pages Tailored landing pages for ad campaigns
Google analytics To measure SEO and AdWord success
Online email marketing systems Provide complete solutions including: creating sign-up forms, CRM, managing lists, segmenting, creating campaigns, analytics etc
Social media admin dashboards To tailor profiles, add content, manage advertising, view analytics
Social media management tools Such as Hootsuite, which allows multiple social media channels to be managed from a single location
ePub / digital publishing Essentially the traditional practice of buying space for a banner ad on a site (print model of classified or display advertising)
Blogs To engage customers and facilitate conversations
Webinar / webcast Successful marketing tool
Content types & technologies
Web pages  
Images Photographs, illustrations
Education Courses, training
PDF Books, magazines, manuals etc
Video Tutorials, reviews, how-to's, product launch, visitor/customer interviews, product placement/entertainment, infotainment
User generated content When your customers evangelise your business (gold dust!)
ePub / digital publishing Successful content marketing tool eBooks,eMagazines, manuals, coffee table' etc)
eNewsletter Successful marketing tool
Software Plug-ins, freeware, shareware, donate-ware etc
Case studies, testimonials and reviews Valuable sales tool
Loyalty schemes Successful marketing tool
Competitions Successful marketing tool
Promotions Discounts / vouchers etc