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The sales funnel by Matt Ottewill (March 2014)

"The sales funnel" is a common name given by marketing professionals to a process that begins with a lead and ends in a sale.

Here are the basic processes of the sales funnel ..

  • get your product or service noticed (raise profile)
  • contact (eg a visitor visits your website, or Likes your Facebook page)
  • turn a contact into a lead (get a contact to give you some useful personal information, such as their email address and likes)
  • conversation (the courtship)
  • conversion (turn the courtship into a sale)
  • customer shares their experiences (recommendation, product review etc)
  • retain the customer and ensure they stay loyal

Essentially what a business is trying to do is to ..

  1. create a buzz
  2. get potential customers (leads) interested in their products or services
  3. gather some information about the leads so they can start a tailored and relevant conversation with them
  4. convert them into a customer
  5. retain them as a returning customer
  6. turn them into a loyal advocate of your products or service