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What is a project manager? by Matt Ottewill

All new media projects require close managing of time and resources. It is a project managers job to co-ordinate the efforts of a team of specialists towards a the successful completion of a project. The project manager is often the highest paid member of the team, and with good reason, they will have to deal with all the problems that arise and the complaints of both client and collegues in the development team. They are often caught between a rock and a hard place, trying to satisfy the client and "motivate" the team to achieve a clients often "unreasonable" demands.

What is a project manager responsible for?

  • Oversee all aspect of a projects organisation
  • Keep records and paperwork in order
  • Liasie with the client
  • Liase with members of the development team
  • Liaise between members of the development team and the client
  • Oversee deadlines
  • Ensure design guidelines are adhered to
  • Setup clear lines of communication between members of the development team
  • Arrange meetings
  • Delegate tasks
  • Organise the budget
  • Ensure there is no duplication of work
  • Oversee copyright issues
  • Oversee financial issues
  • Resolve all problems