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What is multimedia good for? by Matt Ottewill

Multimedia development involves creating a wide range of different types of projects such as ...

Web sites for ...

  • All kinds of business from bakers to record companies. No business should be without a web site even if its just for promotional activities.
  • Software Support, downloads and updates
  • Ecommerce. Online shops
  • Marketing and promotional for products (cars, houses etc), films, artist web sites etc
  • Self employed Sole traders selling services and skills
  • Organisations such as industry organisations, government departments etc
  • Entertainment
  • Education such as colleges, museums etc
  • etc

Company intranets (internal website's) for ...

  • Training
  • Internal information purposes
  • Guidelines and manuals to help employees use equipment

Projected presentations for ...

  • Businesses Training, sales seminars etc
  • Product marketing point of sale in shops
  • Training

Kiosks for ...

  • Public spaces (stations, hospitals)
  • Educational (museums etc)
  • Art galleries
  • Navigation ... maps to help you find your way around a building

CD/DVD-ROM publications ...

  • Mixed format music CD-ROMs adding audio visual content to music audio CDs/DVDs.
  • Magazine cover CD-ROMs to further illustrate printed articles or provide free resources to readers.
  • Reference material CD-ROMs such as encyclopedia's
  • Shopping catalogues
  • Film promotion newspaper giveaways

Education & training with ...

  • Classroom presentations
  • IMLE's (Interactive Multimedia Learning Environments).

DVD interface development for ...

  • Mixed mode DVDs (video for a DVD player and interactive app for computers)
  • Computer based DVD-ROM presentations

Database front ends (interface)

Game development

Interactive art

Virtual reality as an aid to architectural and engineer design

Utility software development

Screen saver development