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Timpanophonic is one of Phil D'Aroso's many musical projects.


"I started my career as an orchestral percussionist and as such I gained valuable experience under the baton of leading conductors such as Andrew Davis, Kurt Mazur, Pierre Boulez to name but a few. In a way my life as a professional musician at home and abroad gave me an “oblique incentive” to take up composition.

"I approach sampling with the same sense of wonderment that Hector Berlioz had when he first heard the saxophone in the 19th century or the same kind of excitement that a post-war teenager had when holding his first electric guitar in the 1950”.

Biography continued

Timpanophonic is, I suppose, an experiment that involve my expertise as an orchestral player/composer mixed with a contemporary sound and a more direct way of approaching music. Electro-funk of the late 70 such as George Clinton and Drum & Bass music of the late 90 had as much of an influence on me as listening to Mozart, Beethoven or the great polyphonist of the Renaissance era. I tried to reflect this by using funk rhythms mixed with totally “un-rock & roll” instruments such as timpani, tuned percussions and classical opera samples".


Phil D’Aroso (2008)

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  1. Timpanophonic 1

  2. But I Must Have Said This Before Since I'm Doing It Now


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Timpanophonic 1

But I Must Have Said This Before Since I'm Doing It Now