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Organising web site files by Matt Ottewill

NOTE: You may also wish to read the article on Linking & Embedding concepts. It is VERY VERY IMPORTANT to organise the various files which you create when constructing a web site. You should start by creating 2 basic folders ...
  • Work (or source) files
  • Local site

This diagram below show the basic folder structure of a web site project.

What is a homepage?

A homepage is the first HTML page that a surfer will see when they surf to a website. It will be located on the root level of the site and usually be entitled either "index.html" or "default.html".

eg. If you surf to you will automatically see the page

What are Local & Remote sites ?

A local site is built on the hard drive of the web designers computer. It will consist of a structure of folders, HTML pages, and "media objects" organised exactly as they will appear whenh transferred to the web hosting server.

A remote site is an exact copy (mirror image) of a local site that has been uploaded to a web server.

This definition of local and remote sites is relevant to the model of a web site builder but not to all situations. You can have networked “local” disks, and you can have a localhost http server on your own machine.