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Copyright release forms by Matt Ottewill

A release form is used by a copyright holder, as an alterative to a creative commons licence, to specify the terms whereby an identified person or organisation may license a work free from some or all of the usual restrictions. Typically a release form is used to grant the use of a work for educational or non-commercial use.

There are no standardised release forms. They can take any form a copyright holder wishes providing they identify the copyright holder, the licence user, and the terms of use. A copyright holder may create their own bespoke release form or adapt a template.

Example release forms

Feel free to use these ..

Request for use of existing materials (images, music etc) from a copyright/licence holder, such as a photographer, music maker etc ..
Material release form

Release form from a performer/actor granting a film maker/producer rights to use their filmed performance ..
Personal release form

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Release forms

Material release form (doc)

Personal release form (doc)