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Development processes - project planning

You will need to create a so-called project plan "document" (perhaps in the form of web pages) which delivers the clients objectives and which all team members are aware of.

Project planning aids

There are many project management software tools available including ...

  • Online (eg Google docs)
  • Specialist project management applications
  • Office tools such as spreadsheets, databases and word processing docs
  • Another alternative is to create a mini-web site accessible to all team members

What should the project plan include?

Here are some suggestions ...

Gantt chart - project timeline

A useful diagramatic tool is a Gantt chart. This can show a schedule of events and deadlines for a project. You can create one with a suitable application or by employing an html table thus ...

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Activity Weeks
  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Client brief                  
Research & analysis                  
Assets & content                  
Build & construction                  
Testing & evaluation                  


Create a budget to ensure you don't undercharge and are handling cash flow effectively.

More here

Contingency plan

The success of a project may very well depend on how well you are prepared for the unexpected. Having a well considered contingency plan will enable development to continue if the worst happens.

Consider including the following in the plan ...

  • details of all development processes so that someone else can take over
  • contact details of alternative team members
  • specification for native and interchange file formats and their naming conventions
  • backup strategy
  • equipment failure, quickly sourcing replacements, having accounts with important supplier
  • record of software/serial numbers
  • alternative sub-contractors
  • reserve in the event of budget over-runs
  • a deposit or purchase order from client to minimise losses if they pull-out
  • changes to web formats/protocols
  • awareness of any changes to web protocols or software (browsers, plug-ins etc) that may affect the technical plan (subscribe to RSS feeds, trade publications, blogs etc)
  • have a method by which you can contact end users in the future to let them know if any end-user software updates are required
  • web Hosting Disruption
  • alternate hosting in the case of hosting company downtime
  • consider separating the site and DNS hosting
  • prepare contracts and agreements to cover employees, supplier deadlines, client issues etc

Search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy


Accessibility strategy


Legal, ethical and copyright issues

There are many issues to consider including ...

  • Stating/displaying copyright information about original copy
  • Safeguarding copyrights
  • Obtaining copyright clearance from copyright holders
  • Publishing inaccurate information about people and the potential consequences
  • Deceiving end-users and customers
  • Trademarks
  • Limited companies and liability
  • Disclaimers and responsibilities concerning damage done to end-users systems by your programming/software
  • Freedom of information
  • Data protection - holding personal details of customers

More on copyright is here