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Development processes - build & construction

The build and construction process are many and varied as are the specialists involved in the team. Much of this site is concerned with advice and guidance on these processes. You will find lots of help by using the site navigation (top of each page).

The following are the basic steps you will take in creating your prototype ...

Create structure and navigation

According to your project plan and design.

  • Folder structure
  • Template pages
  • Navigation devices
  • SEO optimised code structure

Configure meta-tags

According to your project plan, back-end design and seo strategy, configure and add meta-data.

Create styling

CSS resources

Link/import assets

Move your project assets (interchange files) into your project and link, style and script.

Create interactivity

Add front end functional elements such as ...

  • scripting
  • forms
  • forums
  • blogs
  • back end communication etc


This will be developed at the same time as the front end. Includes ...

  • database
  • eCommerce
  • forums
  • communications
  • etc